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Lightweight Titanium Hiking Cutlery. Titanium is probably best known for its great strength vs weight, and corrosion resistance. Which titanium cutlery an ideal asset for your next hiking adventure. Just hold Titanium cutlery in your hand and you can feel its power. It is perhaps the greatest invention for your hunger cravings. Hunger, beware – your end is near.

Combination cutlery is a popular choice with hikers and other enthusiasts as a piece of gear that saves space and weight.


Cutlery should feel good in the hand, how it feels on the eyes, and in the soul. It should be elegant with clean, sleek edges, balanced weight and appropriate heft without feeling fragile. It should make you feel good.


You wouldn’t want your cutlery to bend during a heavy meal! Our cutlery has structural integrity. Titanium will not melt or snap, but can bend. Lightweight Titanium Hiking Cutlery  is the most durable product available.

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