Survival Water Filter Straw

Survival Water Filter Straw


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Air vs Water

Being equipped as a survivalist (or “outdoor-ist”) means having the right water filtration tools for the day ahead, it is absolutely essential. If you haven’t figured out your solutions for clean drinking water, then this Survival Water Filter Straw is the perfect item for you.  Clean water is priority number 2 in an emergency situation (Air is your first priority).  But a lot of people aren’t equipped to create their own (and get themselves into trouble when things turn bad).

The real benefit of this filtration system is its portability. Not only is it quite small, but it’s also extremely lightweight.
You can find room for this Survival Water Filter Straw in your bag (or even your pocket) without any difficulty.

It does a great job of cleaning the water and gets rid of 99.9% of bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites as well as microplastics. The 0.2-micron filter is no joke! It is extremely portable and lightweight, and very effective at cleaning water with no moving parts. It will filter 1000l of water, which for a hiker consuming 5 litres gives you 200-days piece of mind should a ‘SHTF’ situation arise.

We also have the Miniwell 2000l available to purchase if you need something a little different.


COVID-19 has hit home pretty hard. Unfortunately, it’s an evolving scenario and emergency preparedness should be a consideration. Having clean water when you’re away from the capital cities is pretty darn important.


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