Fire-Maple FMS-300T Ultralight Titanium Hike Stove 45g compact


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  • MULTIBUY: Toaks 650ml + Firemaple FMS-300T (Save $14)
  • MULTIBUY: Toaks 650ml + Firemaple FMS-300T + Short Spoon/Spork ($19 Saving)

Top-notch ultralight only weights 45g with minimal compact size to be stored for ease.
Versatile maximum output at 2600W.
Ingenious retractable structure engineered for reliable stability & adaptability.
Uncompromising practical function, fine diffusing benefits even heat distribution.
Durable & efficient valve.
Engineered for extreme expeditions and pack base weight/volume reduction.
High strength Titanium alloy ensures the strong pot support.
Folded volume perfect for hiking.


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