Map Compass – Kanpas MAB-41-F

Map Compass – Kanpas MAB-41-F


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The MAB-41-F is an intermediate level compass designed to meet the rough and tumble demands of schools, and youth groups.

– The scales and readings are easier to read without romers.
– Declinations are on the bottom of the capsule (avoiding common errors with map work).
– It has a full-size baseplate without magnifier.
– The needle is fast and stable, which suits runners and hikers alike.



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Hemisphere:  Southern

Capsule:          Fast Needle

Dial:                 0-360 deg (2 deg increments)

Bezel:              White on Black

Scale:               1:10000 / 1:15000 / 1:25000

Rule:               0-55 mm

Magnifier:      None

Luminous:     Yes

Declination:  Not-Adjustable

Size:               105*55*13 mm

Weight:         40.0g

Kanpas supply and sponsor the orienteering sector worldwide and that’s a good thing for Hikers. There are many compass manufacturers globally and not all can adhere to quality.
Like us, I am sure you’ve spent quite a bit of money on gear over the years, that turns out to be junk!

Kanpas are proven and are favoured by national teams in world orienteering championships (Google them!!). Unfortunately, they are a little unknown in the world of hiking, as they don’t have massive marketing budgets. Just like K2MountainGear they prefer word-of-mouth and let the product quality do the real talking.

We have tested the over 20 compasses from Kanpass and selected our preferred choice over a variety of 6 price points (which hopefully suits most hikers). This covers the younger explorers, all-rounders and even expedition level.  Importantly your not buying junk.  All are durable, accurate and importantly configured for the southern hemisphere.

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